EDTC 6433: Creativity

This week we filmed “A Day in the Life” of ourselves. Simply by using my phone I was able to capture video all through the week. It was advised that we capture about 10 minutes of video in order to edit it down to 3-5 minutes. The theme this week being “creativity” I felt the pressure to be very creative. That was very hard! I felt like my life was quite boring and didn’t lend itself well to being creative. Yet, I captured the videos and went on with my week.

Today we brought our video clips in and used http://www.WeVideo.com to publish them. This was a very intuitive site to use and offered great editing options including themes with music already built in. Once I uploaded my videos it was easy to edit them down and place them in the order I wanted. Then I hit play and my “Day in the Life” began. Little did I know that when set to music my life wasn’t boring anymore! It was great to watch and I found myself wanting to go back and and add certain shots that I missed in my day. I loved seeing my kids, husband, and co-workers in this way.

I immediately thought of how I could use this tool in my classroom. It is very motivating and engaging. I know my students would love to create videos of themselves or “a day in the life of Lakeview”. My creative wheels are turning and I can’t wait to try this with them this year.

Here is a link to an article with other great ideas for using video in the classroom – http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/2127


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