2 thoughts on “EDU 6655: Exercise in Education

  1. Exercise in education has been a main talk point in a lot of my blogs and discussion posts this quarter. I could not agree more on the importance of exercise and the positive outcome it has on our students. All the research supports it too, just like you mentioned. In my classroom I start each day doing morning meeting, calendar and weather. Right after, we do 20 minutes of exercise and stretching. I have found several songs that involve counting and exercise. I use a song call Count to 100 and Get Fit! My kids love it, it has them stretching, walking and jogging in place. We then do kid yoga for a few minutes and then finish with additional stretches and breathing exercises. My student’s attention and engagement level after this each morning is phenomenal. Although it is difficult to find the time, I cannot encourage other teachers enough to participate in such activities (multiple times a day if possible). They would quickly see the positive outcomes in their student’s performance and engagement levels! My parents have had great buy in. At the beginning of the year, I let them know the how, and why I begin my day this way each day and they seem to love it!
    I hope this idea spreads faster in schools. It should always be what is best for the children. I am hopeful to see these changes occur in schools!

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